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Two Women 1 Disease


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"Everyone in the world will be touched by cancer at some point in their lives. 'Two Women 1 Disease' is a heart-touching memoir that is unique as it shares both perspectives of patient and caregiver. It expresses the technical and emotional aspects of such a diagnosis. I enjoyed how each step affected both of them differently.

The love definitely shines through this mother and daughter who share even the rawest of emotions during this journey. I would suggest this book to anyone going through a similar situation; however, I think that anybody would enjoy reading this book and the love, bravery, and humor that is shared."

~Kevin Harrington

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OUR Story

When her mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, they thought their lives were over. Her mother always insisted that she would NEVER endure the torture her Grandmother, who had been diagnosed back in the 1970s, had experienced. Through gentle persuasion, they convinced her that treatment had changed drastically since then and she decided to fight.


Fight it she did and was cancer-free . . . until she was diagnosed with a second primary cancer – pancreatic which had already metastasized to her liver. According to the doctors, this was very rare. They gave her three to five months to survive and called upon Hospice. She fought hard and, in fact, beat the odds given to her. She was a real champ who did not want to leave her daughter behind.


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An excerpt from the book

Are You Listening? (2009-02-10 20:06) - Beth

. . . I need to talk with the only one I believe can help me now.


Dear God,

It’s just me, Beth. You should remember me because you’ve responded to some of my requests in the past. Some, I thought you ignored, but then realized that maybe you did respond and your answer was just ’No’. My questions these days aren’t exactly ’yes or no’ answers so I need more information from you if you have a second.


Today was the hardest day for me at the hospital. Mom had to get an Echo to make sure that her heart will handle the chemo all right because it is; after all, poison they will be shooting into her. I sat there and literally watched as my precious mother’s heart beat right before my very eyes. I’m guessing it is what a mother feels like watching her new baby’s heartbeat (which is another bone I have to pick with you, but that’s a whole other blog). Yet, it is quite the opposite at the same time because a new mom is celebrating life and I am fearing death. It considerably slows my breathing as I think of her breath ceasing forever. And I can’t fight back the tears.

I know that you must be teaching me something, but I’m not seeing it. I’m trying desperately to stay positive but it seems like you’re fighting me on this. Can you please tell me why? Are you trying to build ’character’? Because ask anyone up there that knows me . . . I have enough ’character’!!


God, I feel like I should be there 110% with my mom dealing with Satan, which I do believe cancer to be. But then we get led back into another ’Great Depression’ and now, I have to worry about keeping a roof over my dear mother’s head while she is healing? What is going on? Have I done something to just piss you off? Are you listening?


I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done, and you can choose to forgive me or you can choose to listen to the thousands of other people that are praying to you for my mother’s strength, both physically and emotionally. You can’t be mad at all of them, too!


Maybe you are not ready, or perhaps, it’s not yet time for me to know the answers to all of my questions, but I beg of you . . .

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This book is one of the best books I have ever read! It is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The unique aspect is that it is told from the viewpoint of both CJ, the cancer victim and her daughter Beth, through a series of regular blogs. The book is a profound insight into the daily hurdles of fighting this horrible disease, while at the same time showcasing a mother and daughter's love for each other.



I also found it to be quite enlightening with regard to the various steps, tests, and procedures involved in fighting cancer. Since every one of us will be touched by this disease at some point in our lives, it is a MUST READ!

Patricia Connarn

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