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Let me start by saying I am very sorry for the loss of your loved one! This is most likely, one of the most painful moments in your lifetime.

The Visionary

When one chooses cremation for a lost loved one, they are left with a container of ashes or cremains, typically about four to eight pounds. There area number of ways people memorialize a deceased loved one using the remains. Most common is to store them in an urn or to scatter them at a location that had some importance to the individual. Ashes of Love Memorials celebrates life and is an additional - and compelling - way to keep the memory of a deceased loved one close to you in a personal and unique way. You are part of the creative process and your loved one is, literally, part of the art - so they are always with you.

Hold your loved one close with a beautiful, one of kind piece of art with their ashes sprinkled in as part of the art itself. The process is an acrylic pour painting utilizing various techniques. Ashes vary; therefore, the results will vary in every piece designed. 

16 x 20
12 x 12
10 x 10

Pick your colors (up to five). They don't have to be exact, for example, dark green, teal, midnight blue, etc.


Custom sizes available upon request.


I allow the paint to flow over the sides; therefore, the canvas is ready to hang as is; however, wooden floating frames are available. They finish off the painting beautifully and still allow you

to see the painted sides.

Examples and additional pricing below.




10 x 10     $106

12 x 12     $120

16 x 20     $175



10 x 10     $96

12 x 12     $110

16 x 20     $160



10 x 10     $96

12 x 12     $110

16 x 20     $160

As this is such a personal experience, it would be my pleasure to speak with you prior to your order. I would like to learn about your loved one and your relationship with them. It is my goal to personalize every painting I create to make sure all recipients are elated with the completed heirloom. Therefore, please click the 'schedule a call' button below to let me know when the best time is to reach you. Thank you for your faith in me to memorialize the beauty your loved one left behind!


Another option we offer is pillows that match the memorial painting.

The quality fiber inserts in the pillows have the weight and feel of Hungarian goose down and are made in the USA, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and machine washable.


Cost: $85  

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When I lost my spouse, I was so distraught. Then I was introduced to

'Ashes of Love Memorials'. I scheduled a time to speak with Beth

and she called me promptly at my requested time.

She was so great to work with; she was very empathetic of my situation.

We actually cried together!

When I received my memorial painting, I cried tears of joy.

This was the most beautiful artwork I have EVER seen!

I would recommend Beth for any project/painting you could possibly ask of her!

~ Rayna Leigh

Wow, I could not even imagine the heirloom painting I received with the remains of the extremely early loss of my daughter. We lost her early from an automobile accident and really had a difficult time getting over that loss.

Beth's communication and final piece of artwork that was sent to us was above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

I am truly thankful for her and what she is doing to help people

while grieving such a huge loss!

Randy Thompson

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