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Artist / Author / Photographer / Visionary

Two Women 1 Disease


I explore the disappearing element of empathy from humankind through the written word and ironically colorful expressions. This site provides images of past & current projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to realization.

Creating Beauty

Where Pain Once Existed!

While reflecting on the remains of my mother sitting upon the shelf, it reminded me of the loss of her. I decided to create a one of kind abstract painting sprinkling a small amount of her ashes into the artwork. That very painting adorns my wall and I am able to now realize the beauty she left behind which offers me a sense of peace.

Creating beauty where pain once existed!


A new reality show. Each episode will rescue one homeless family from the streets.  You will learn about their situation and what they need to begin their 'Second Chance' at life.  Everything will be donated to the family by the every day person showing viewers at home just how easy it is to give back and offer a helping hand.


It is my goal to create a coffee table book with images of breast cancer patients/survivors revealing 'I am Beautiful', regardless of hair/breast loss and the scars that are left behind. Proceeds from this book will be donated to help women currently battling cancer with their everyday expenses while healing, both physically and emotionally.

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