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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Are you a caregiver who is weary of:

1) Taking the dreaded walk in the morning to the room where your loved one lives and wonder what is waiting for you on the other side?

2) Hearing the phone ring, not sure if it's a doctor with more bad news?

3) Wondering if you can get through another day with a brave face?

4) Trying to be strong everyday?

5) Being the rock that everyone else needs to see?

Congratulations. You are normal! Every caregiver of a loved one experiences these kinds of feelings, but are afraid to express them for fear they may hurt or concern others around them. We ARE the rock. WE have to hold everything together for everyone. This is the biggest responsibility that has ever been laid upon our laps. And it will, no likely, be easy to ever 'get over'!

It's been just over seven years since my mother has passed and, apparently, I am still not over it. I'm not sure there actually is a 'get over it' stage that you eventually cross. I have to say, dear God please, let there be that stage!

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