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Who actually makes the products?

Ashes of Love Memorials is a subsidiary of Art by Beth Pauvlinch and are handmade by Beth Pauvlinch in St. Petersburg, FL. 

How much cremated remains are needed for each memorial piece?

We request one tablespoon for each memorial ordered. This is usually more than enough. All remaining ash will be returned with the order.

Collecting ashes can be emotionally difficult. What if I’m uncomfortable removing a tablespoon of my loved one’s ashes?

A friend, family member, or your funeral home may be willing to do this for you. Most urns unscrew and most boxes have a screw(s) on the bottom. The screws are sometimes under felt circles.

How will I send my loved one's ashes to you?

When you order a painted memorial, a complete collection packet will be sent to you. For US orders the packet includes a USPS shipping package approved for ashes, detailed instructions, necessary forms, and a screw-top tin with a collection bag inside. I personally absorb the cost of shipping the kit to you and the return postage.

How do I know if my ashes made it safely to the studio?

USPS Priority Mail packages will require our signature when they arrive. We will also contact you (normally via email) to let you know it has arrived.

What are your production procedures to guarantee the ashes I send are in the memorial I receive?

Collection tins are carefully monitored when they arrive in our shop. Once here, they do not leave the building. After production, I create a Certificate of Authenticity which will include the name of your loved one.

Can you create memorials from pet ashes?

Of course, our painted memorials can be created with pet ashes. 

Can I combine ashes from two or more individuals into a single memorial?

Yes, we often create single memorials from a mixture of two different individual's ashes.

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple memorials?

We offer a 10% discount on each memorial ordered when you order two or more. 

How is the memorial shipped back to me, and how much does shipping cost?

We ship artwork via USPS two-day Priority Express mail - signature required. Shipping costs will vary depending on the size, weight and destination within the US.

When should I expect to have my infused memorial back after I send you the ashes?

Orders are generally delivered to the customer within four to five weeks after we have received the ashes as we use multiple layers of varnish to ensure an heirloom for a lifetime. Layers must be completely dry before applying additional layers.

How do I pay for my memorial?

After our consultation, I will create an invoice with the options you selected. We accept credit cards or PayPal or checks mailed in with the collection packet.

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