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what I think it means to "do something" with your life

I believe that everyone was placed here for a reason. Whether or not they ever determine or follow through with that purpose is another story.

I knew as a young child that it was my duty to share my creativity, love, and empathy of others. I believe my mother taught me that due to some poor decisions by attracting men who were emotionally and physically abusive towards her. Since then I knew I was here to help others dealing with difficult situations as I had overcome so many in my own life. I grew up as an ultimate optimist because I knew the future held so many better things in store for me and that is how I survived my past.

I began writing at a very young age in order to get my emotions out without hurting anyone. I probably have 500 poems and many journals. To this day, most of my writing has been seen by no one.

Regardless of what I knew I was here for, I had traveled a different path and took a job in the legal field. Eight years later, I created my own company while remaining in the same field. After 15 years of constant travel, this came to an end.

Shortly thereafter, in 2008, my mother/best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been living with me and working as my personal/executive assistant while I was traveling the US for work. This was devastating news for both of us. Initially she refused treatment; however, through gentle persuasion, she had agreed as she wasn't ready to leave me behind.

During that time, I knew I would have to dive back into my writing to relieve myself of the painful emotions I would surely endure. I encouraged her to join me and reluctantly she did. We continued writing the entire three years of her battle with cancer.

After her loss, I became very depressed and suicidal; however, I then remembered what I learned as a child and I needed to "do something" with this experience in order to help others.

Last year, I turned our journey into a book 'Two Women 1 Disease' in her honor and help those going through a similar situation or whom would in the future. This simply was not enough. I needed to do more.

Being so saddened looking at my mother's cremains sitting upon my shelf simply reminding me of the loss of her, I created an abstract painting and placed a small amount of her ashes within. As the painting adorned my wall, rather than being sad, it reminded me of the beauty she left behind and it made my heart smile.

That was it; if it could bring joy to my life, why wouldn't it bring joy to others' who had lost loved ones. So, I recently created a new product called 'Ashes of Love Memorials'. I am currently in the launching stage, but so far it has deeply touched the lives of those I have created a painting with their loved ones remains.

I am hopeful to continue this journey and create beauty where pain once existed! This is what makes me joyful.

I don't think that all people have only one purpose in life. I think many have the power to "do something" in a lot of different ways.

As for advice for those looking for their purpose, I think, sometimes they look too hard. Sometimes you must take a step back and see the power that you hold within yourself and I think you will find what you were placed here to do!

Perhaps, your purpose is to be a lawyer to help those in trouble. Or a doctor to help those with things that ail them. There are so many possibilities of 'purpose' and I think if you are happy in life . . . then you have found your purpose!

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