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It's OKAY to be angry!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

There are productive ways to get your anger out as a caregiver.

The three Ficus stumps in this picture didn't have a chance!

Physical Exertion

I had three Ficus trees in my backyard that had grown beyond belief. Many people commented that they had never seen Ficus trees that large. It got to the point that they were out of control, so I had them cut down. However, they left the stumps. One day when I was so angry with cancer, I went outside with a sledge hammer and slammed every one of those stumps out of the ground, roots and all. It felt so good to release that pent up anger from my soul.

Up on the rooftop . . . click, click, scrape

My flat roof needed resealed. I climbed up on that roof for a week scraping off the old sealer and then resealing the entire thing. I plugged in my headphones and rocked out to music. I sang at the top of my lungs while I worked and I didn't care who heard me.

And of course the punching bag

I had a punching bag in the garage and many times during my angry moments I went out there and beat the hell out of that thing. It was full of water, but I hit it so hard, I had it moving it all over the garage floor.

It helps to get out your anger in a productive way and there is no absolutely no reason to deny that you are angry and to express it!

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